Saturday, August 8, 2009


Marcus and I have started playing a lot of card and board games since we've been married. One of my favorites growing up was Phase 10. Marcus had never really played it, or if he had he didn't really remember it.So I decided to teach him. Now, I was pretty good at winning this game growing up. My brother Jordan could give me a run for my money sometimes but for the most part, I was able to win. Then I started playing with Marcus. He won the first game and I didn't handle it the best because I am use to winning. Then the second time we played it, I won and I started feeling a littler better. Then the third time, he won. It seemed that we would be doing this constant back and forth thing. But, I am proud to announce, I have won the last five games in a row! It feels good to still be winning at this game...

P.S. I love you, Marcus :)