Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas and Birthday

Marcus, Brittany, and I drove to Washington for the Holidays. It was so much fun to get away for awhile. Marcus and were very spoiled this Christmas (as usual- our families are awesome!) We got to hang out with the whole family since everyone was home for Christmas this year. This meant that we got to see a lot of these cuties:

It was so great to be home and visiting with everyone. But I did miss this little cutie who was on the opposite coast:

Good thing I get to see her in February! :)

On January 3rd- Marcus turned 24! Winter semester didn't start until the 4th so we had the day off to hang out. We went to Red Robin for lunch, did some shopping, and then just spent a quiet night at home. I did make him a cake. It's not decorated for his birthday but it's exactly how he wanted it- no decorations or candles. It's a super moist chocolate cake with Rainbow chip frosting. It was delicious!

As usual, he was spoiled with presents. I got him a watch case and then replaced the batteries in several of his watches. I also got him a couple shirts and, as is tradition, a children's book- "The Rainbow Fish." Between the parents he received some books, a watch, a new pair of shoes, and a gift card that he used to buy a pair of shoes. It was a good birthday! :)
We're back to school and so far the semester is going well. We both think this semester will be easier than last semester. Then it's graduation and then we have our little baby boy! It'll be an exciting few months! :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I'm so behind on posts about Christmas and Marcus' birthday and I promise I'll post about those soon but first...

I'm 21 weeks pregnant and starting to enjoy it more. Sickness has left and now it's the more exciting time of pregnancy!
(as my friend Kate has said- taking these bump pictures is awkward. I have no idea how to stand/what to do with my hands)

We went in for our ultrasound yesterday and found out we're having a

We are so excited! Only 19 more weeks until we get to meet the little guy. It feels like it'll be the longest 19 weeks ever!