Saturday, December 3, 2011

Six Months

Johnny turned six months on November 17th! Here are some things about Johnny at 6 months:
Johnny is a Momma's boy. 
But he does love to hang out with Daddy!
He is a pro at sitting up. He loves sit and pull his toys out of their basket.

It is so nice that he can sit in shopping carts and high chairs! It makes shopping so much easier.

He already has such a personality. He is so sweet, loveable, and funny. He cracks me up all the time.
He is the happiest baby. The above picture was taken right after we had been driving for 11 hours!
He LOVES the water! He would stay in his bath forever if I would let him.
He is so cute- I can hardly stand it!
Some other things about Johnny:
- he weighs 16 pounds 6 ounces (35th percentile)
- he's 25.5 inches tall (10th percentile)
- his head circumference is 42 centimeters (25th percentile)
-he can roll both ways
- he doesn't crawl yet. When a toy is just out of his reach, he'll lift his arms and legs off the floor and move them really fast. If he was in a pool, he would swim really far. On the floor, however, he just looks really cute but doesn't go anywhere.
- his laugh is my favorite sound
- he has started eating solid foods. He likes them okay- it's still a bit of a struggle to get him to eat solids. Bananas, applesauce, and sweet potatoes are his favorites.
- he has 4 teeth coming in. 2 have already cut through and the other 2 are really close.
Marcus and I feel so blessed to be his parents!