Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our Apartment!!!

My Mom came to visit for the last ten days and it was AWESOME!

When we got married, she decided to make curtains for our apartment. While she was here, she finished all of them. Here are the final products:

This is the kitchen curtain:

This is one of our kitchen chairs. She made chair pads that match our kitchen curtains.

Here are our living room curtains:

And the matching couch throw pillows.

This is the valance in our bedroom.

And here is Marcus being a handyman. Even though he said hanging up curtains was a "woman's job."

And here is our bed. My mom made the pillows, bedskirt, and valance that all coordinate with the quilt my Aunt Melinda made us for our wedding. It's great having a talented family.

Thank you, Mom, for all of your hard work! We love it! And we miss you already...