Monday, September 28, 2009

Best Birthday Ever!

So today am I officially an adult! Yes folks, today I finally turned 21. My wonderful husband Marcus made my birthday so AWESOME!

It started with him taking me to see "Love Happens" on Friday night. As poor college students, we really try to save as much money as we can and so we don't go out to movies. So going to see "Love Happens" was special and really fun. We also recommend the movie, by the way.

Then on Saturday we went to Tucano's for my birthday lunch. It was delicious! And super filling! Followed by the BYU vs. Colorado State game (which we won)!

On Sunday, Bryan, Stephanie, KPAX, Derek, Kate, and Brock surprised me with a little get-together. They got me a Cherry Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory and it was AWESOME! Thank you for being such great friends!

Then today, when Marcus and I woke up, Marcus handed me a big white envelope while informing me that this was my birthday card. I opened it to find this:

What a little cutie! He even had me read it aloud before we got out of bed to get ready for work and school.

After work and school was over, we came home and made scallop fettucini alfredo. It was delicious! Even though I received a cherry cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory, Marcus said he didn't feel right about me not having a cake to blow out candles. So he made me a funfetti cake with rainbow chip frosting! :) He knows me so well!

And of course, the great person that Marcus is, he got me some more presents. He also informed me that I am not allowed to spend as much on his birthday as he did on me. We'll see about that...

He got me the new Nicolas Sparks book "The Last Song," a cute apron, and a new set of scriptures!

Thank you babe, for making this the best birthday ever! I love you so much! :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pizza Party!

On Friday September 18th, Marcus and I had our former roommates over for a pizza party get-together. Marcus and I made homemade pizzas and our friends chipped in with sides, drinks, and desserts. We had about 17 people crowded into our little apartment. We ate, chatted, and played games. It was a good time had by all. But my goodness was it a lot of work for Marcus and me. It takes a lot of time to make pizzas, especially in a tiny apartment kitchen. And I spent the next morning washing the mound of dirty bowls and pans. But it was worth it to spend some good, quality time with close friends!

And as a little bonus to our apartment 360-371 reunion, Marcus' best friend Chase and his wife Kami came down from Rexburg for the weekend. It was lots of fun to see them, even though the only time we really had to hang out with them was late at night. And that time was spent by Chase and Marcus playing Madden on the Wii and Kami and I falling asleep on the couch/floor. But still, it was fun to see them and hopefully we'll get to see them again soon!