Friday, August 12, 2011

Flo Rida

Marcus, John, and I spent two weeks on vacation! Most of the time was spent with my family for the Smith Family Vacation 2011.

Our itinerary was as follows:

July 23rd-25th: Marcus, Brittany, Johnny and I went to Twin Falls to see Grandma and Grandpa Gilson.
July 26th: Johnny and I fly to North Carolina. I was worried to do 8 hours of traveling on planes by myself with Johnny but he did great! He barely cried and slept a lot of the time.
Johnny hanging out with Grandpa Smith

July 27th: Hung out with my family in NC. We took Johnny swimming for the first time and he enjoyed it!
Johnny's first time swimming
The Smith Grandchildren: Ashlynn, Madison, and Johnny
July 28th: I got to go to lunch with just my Dad. He and I use to go to lunch together all the time right after I graduated from high school and was working full time for my neighbor. It was definitely a highlight of the trip for me. Marcus also flew in on this day and it was wonderful to have him back with Johnny and me!
We love Grandpa Smith!

July 29th: We took family pictures! All 13 of us were there and it was so fun. It was insanely hot and humid outside but I can't wait to see what the pictures look like!
Johnny and Madison at Chick-fil-A after family pictures

July 30th: All of the family except Marcus, Johnny, and me drove down to Florida (and Leah flew into Florida to meet them). Marcus, Johnny, and I spent the day in Cary trying out some restaurants and getting ready to meet the family in Florida.

July 31st: Marcus, Johnny, and I fly to Tampa and we all go to the beach. The beach was beautiful but the weather was super hot and humid. We only lasted a few hours at the beach before we were all ready to be back in air conditioning. We went back to the hotel, cleaned up, and drove to Orlando.
Johnny trying to stay cool at the beach
August 1st: We go to Universal Studio's Islands of Adventures! We rode tons of rides and, most importantly, we went to Harry Potter World. Harry Potter World was so fun and so well done but so crowded! It really should just be it's own park. But the detail they put into the castle was amazing and so great to walk through.
Harry Potter World!
August 2nd: We had a rest day where we just stayed at the house, went swimming, and just enjoyed each others company. It was a needed rest for the busy rest of the week.

August 3rd: Marcus, Shelby, Jordan and I went to Disney World! It was the first time for all of us and we had lots of fun. We went on the Safari at the Animal Kingdom, rode the Tower of Terror and Aerosmith rides at Hollywood Studios, and then did the teacups, it's a small world, Peter Pan, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom. We packed a lot in but it was so worth it and so fun. Marcus and I decided it would be great if it works out that we can take each of our kids individually for their 10th birthday!
A couple of the animals we saw on the Safari at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Magic Kingdom!
August 4th: We slept in a little and then headed over to Island's of Adventure to do all the water rides. It's a short day at the parks since everyone is exhausted and would rather just be at the house playing in the pool and relaxing. Mom, Leah, Jordan, Johnny, and I head back to the park later that night to watch the fireworks and walk along City Walk.

August 5th: We went to Islands of Adventure early to visit Harry Potter World one last time and then wemt over to Universal Studios and rode Rip Ride Rocket, Jaws, and saw Shrek 4D. Universal Studios also has a restaurant that has over 100 kids of soda. Marcus and I tried Raspberry Sprite, Cherry Vanilla Coke, Strawberry Sprite, and Cherry Sprite. Leah flew home and we all missed her terribly. THANK YOU Leah for coming and watching Johnny while we went to the parks! You are an amazing friend and I'm glad you're in my life!

August 6th: Jordan, Kendall, Marcus, and I go to Universal Studios one last time. We spent the afternoon swimming. (Swimming on this trip became synonymous with playing Marco Polo. We had so much fun!)

Johnny LOVES swimming!
August 7th: Marcus, Johnny, and I fly home and the rest of the family drives back up to North Carolina. We make it back to Utah in time to go to Trent's ordination as a Deacon- we are so proud of you Trent!

It was hot and humid and we did lots of walking but we all had a fabulous time! Now back to reality where Law School starts in 5 days...

THANK YOU MOM AND DAD SMITH for taking us on this fabulous vacation. We love you and are so grateful for all you do!