Monday, October 19, 2009

100 DAYS!

Marcus and I have officially been married for 100 days. We feel like it's such a landmark but really it's only been a little over 3 months. Still, it's been wonderful! I debated making a list of 100 things Marcus and I have learned and love about marriage, but that is far too long of a list. So instead, here is a list of the square root of 100 things:

1. I use to sleep like a rock; now I wake up at least once a night. I feel like my Mom. However, Marcus still sleeps like a rock.
2. I have officially become obsessed with our apartment being clean at all times. (My former roommates can attested to my desire for the apartment to be clean.) Marcus is pretty good at helping me out with this. And he tells me often how much he enjoys the clean home. :)
3. School is more fun when you're married. Homework and tests still stink but it's nice to have a built in venting outlet.
4. I have become more interested in politics, much to Marcus' delight. However, writing about politics and the government is a TOTALLY different story. Thankfully, I have Marcus to help with that. Yay American Heritage! ;)
5. Parents seem to love when their kids are happily married, working, and going to school. You'd think it had never been done before. The amount of praise we get is great! (this is by no means a request for the praising to end, FYI Dad)
6. Roadtrips when you're married are like 10928575729018492175 times better! It's fun to have someone to travel with!
7. We both loved to read before we got married but now we encourage each other to read more. It's great! I am reading a lot of great books, thanks to Marcus.
8. We have discovered that we LOVE the show Psych! It's one of our favorite things of the week to take time to just relax together and laugh for an hour!
9. About a week after we moved into our ward, we were called as Gospel Doctrine Teachers. It's been so great to learn more about the church together!
10. We seem to have a never ending supply of ground beef and have no idea what to make with it. There's only so many times you can eat tacos...

Well, that's just a few things we've learned/loved about marriage. We are fully aware that 100 days is not the big of an accomplishment. But regardless, we've enjoyed it!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have an awesome mom!

For my birthday, my Mom made me the cutest chair covers that match our kitchen curtains (which she also made). (Pictures will come once the whole apartment is decorated). In case you didn't know, my mom is amazing at a lot of things but one of her many talents is sewing. So, in addition to the chair covers, she made Marcus and I aprons and we LOVE them. So, as a tribute to her, we cooked in them the other night and took pictures. Enjoy:

This is Marcus working hard on the meatballs.
In case you can't tell, his apron is multi-colored
chili peppers with flame pockets.

It's difficult work stirring tomato sauce.
My apron is a black and white floral-type pattern
with red and black polka-dotted pockets.

Thanks Mom for everything! We love you!