Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Man I am behind on posting. So here is a catch-up post.

At the end of August, Marcus, Shelby, and I took Johnny to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City. It was so much fun! Johnny has been into animals lately so we figured he would enjoy the zoo and he LOVED it! I can not remember the last time I had such a fun time at the zoo. It is amazing how much joy you get as a parent when you are able to watch your kid get so much joy out of something.

Since he loved the zoo so much, we decided to take him to a petting zoo. Brittany, Marcus, Johnny, and I drove up to Twin Falls to see Marcus' parents and grandparents over labor day weekend. The county fair was going on and they had a petting zoo so it was the perfect opportunity to take Johnny. I haven't been to the fair in years and it was so much fun to walk around the fair with Marcus' family and eat all the great fair food. But the best part was definitely watching Johnny at the petting zoo. I thought he loved the zoo, but he ADORED the petting zoo! He was running from cage to cage to touch the animals. He was so excited, he couldn't stand still or contain any of his excitement. It was fabulous. That night at the fair was one of the best nights of my life. I don't think Christmas will be as exciting to Johnny as that petting zoo was.

Johnny feeding the goats at the petting zoo

We sure do love that boy!