Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jake's Cake!!

Back in June, I made a cake for one of my co-workers that was graduating and moving on in life to a real job. I finally have the pictures so that I can write this post.

But first, a little background about Jake. He's a cowboy. Or at least he wants to be. He talks about rodeos, riding horses, and catching cows and he owns a lot of pairs of cowboy boots. So for his going away cake he asked for a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I obliged and then decided I would decorate it with a cowboy boot. His favorite pair (or the office's favorite pair) of cowboy boots are these red ones he owns so I tried to recreate it on the cake. Here's how it turned out:

Kind of looks like a little girl's birthday cake, huh?
(It was my boss and one of my other co-workers idea to do the pink star. It just enhanced the little girl look.)

But Jake was happy with it. In his words:
"It was awesome, hilarious, and most most importantly, delicious!"

Here's our office at his going away party.
We ordered SLAB Pizza=Delicious!

Thanks for leaving Jake so we could have an awesome party with great food and a cake.

Just kidding- really, we do miss you! :)