Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Belated Birthday Post

So it's been two weeks since my 22nd birthday and I've been so busy with school/work/being lazy that I haven't actually posted about it. My birthday this year lasted for about 5 days because my parents came in town! It was so FANTASTIC to have them here!! I haven't spent a birthday with them since I turned 18, so I was very excited that they were able to come here for my birthday this year. Besides being here for my birthday and to see Marcus and me, they also came for the BYU vs. Nevada football game. Too bad we played terribly and lost, but we had AWESOME seats (thanks to my work :)). Check out our view:

We sat in some of the box seats, had tons of food, and had a great time!

While they were here, they spoiled Marcus and me. Along with all the birthday presents I received, my parents got us our big Christmas presents since we won't see them this Christmas. They gave us a Wii, a HD TiVo, and a flat screen TV:

For my birthday, my parents got me lots of clothes, an iPhone, and a new set of dishes:
Those dishes are totally me! I LOVE THEM!

Then from Marcus I received:
- Where the Wild Things Are (to keep up with our tradition of getting a children's book for each other on every birthday)
-The movie "Les Miserables"
-A cast iron skillet (I've been wanting one of these for awhile)
-A cake decorating set
-Red high heels (another thing I have been seriously wanting and mentioning constantly)

Marcus found them and picked them out on his own and they are exactly what I wanted!
He is the best!
(Did I mention I was totally spoiled??)

Here is a list of some other things we did while my parents were here:
- Went out to dinner
- Lots of shopping
- A combined birthday dinner for my Uncle Troy and me. Mom made spare ribs and a very moist chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.
- A combined birthday dinner for our cousin Brian Messer and me (our birthdays are two days apart) at Brett and Patsy's. The dinner and dessert were, of course, fantastic! Patsy made me the cutest quilt for my birthday:

And best of all, Marcus and I got to be with my parents for almost a week. We had such a wonderful time and miss them terribly. (And I don't even have a picture of all of us. Seriously?!)
Thank you Mom and Dad, for everything!