Friday, September 10, 2010

Washington and Labor Day

Marcus and I spent a week in August with his family in Washington. It was fabulous. Two of Marcus' three sisters live within 15 minutes of his parents house so that made it even better. (But we did miss Brittany who was in Utah teaching her little 1st graders). We hung out at home, went shopping for clothes for school/my early birthday presents, and took a two day trip with Mom and Dad G. to Seattle. While in Seattle we toured University of Washington to check out the Law School, ate at Iver's on the pier, and visited some family friends. It was so much fun!

picture of us at Marcus' parents house taken by his dad :)
It's one of our favorite pictures of us!

Then for Labor Day weekend, Mom and Dad G. came down to Utah for the weekend. Marcus and I met up with them at Brittany's in Salt Lake on Friday night and we all went out to dinner and a dollar movie (we saw Knight and Day- we highly recommend it). On Saturday, Marcus, his dad, and I came down to Provo for the BYU vs. Washington game (we won 23-17!). We went back up to Brittany's that night, went to Church with her the next morning, and then had to say goodbye to Mom and Dad.

On Monday (Labor Day), Marcus and I went to another dollar movie together (we saw Eclipse this time- I liked it but Marcus did not!). Then we went to Outback for dinner. It was a good break from school and work and a wonderful weekend with family!