Thursday, January 21, 2010


So Marcus' birthday was on January 3rd and I'm so behind that I'm just now posting about it...

But- it was a good birthday!

I made Marcus the birthday cake he requested: Chocolate Cake with Rainbow Chip frosting. It was delicious! And he's getting so old that there was only ONE candle left in the box. ;) Some friends were able to come over to enjoy the cake and ice cream and we're grateful they came! (Sorry there's no picture but we appreciate you coming- Brock, Kate, Bryan, and Kayla!)

And since I'm such an awesome wife, I didn't listen to him when he said I couldn't spend money on him for his birthday. He got two children books (a tradition we have started for each birthday), 4 shirts, a bookmark, and a watch (that died two days after his birthday- we spent the money that originally went to the watch to get him new sunglasses).



Thursday, January 14, 2010


I know I'm way behind but I'm finally writing my post about our Christmas break. It was an AWESOME break! We spent it with Marcus' family in Washington. I don't think I could have married into a better family! We also discovered another benefit of marriage: two families = tons of presents on Christmas. :)

I did take some pictures but mainly they are of the nephews because they are just so cute!

This is Cole:

I am so glad Aimee and Sean were able to come visit while we were home!

This is Cole and the original Aunt Brittany
A.K.A Brittany Ann
A.K.A Brittany the first
A.K.A Brittany the daughter/sister
(A lot of names have developed to distinguish between her & me since Marcus & I were married)

He is ADORABLE! :)

This is Ukiah:

James (Ukiah's dad) kept having Ukiah pose for the camera.


Here is Ukiah and his big brother Dallas being Rock Stars!
(They got the game Rock Band for Christmas)

I miss those cute little guys! And the rest of the family!
I was so great to see everyone!

HAPPY 2010 from the Gilson's!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Comfort during hard times...

Marcus and I are Sunday School teachers in our ward. As I was looking through the manual today, I found this quote:

Elder Richard G. Scott counseled:
  • “Many of you have heavy hearts because a son or daughter, husband or wife, has turned from righteousness to pursue evil. My message is for you.

  • “Your life is filled with anguish, pain, and, at times, despair. I will tell you how you can be comforted by the Lord.

  • “First, you must recognize two foundation principles:

  • “1. While there are many things you can do to help a loved one in need, there are some things that must be done by the Lord.

  • “2. Also, no enduring improvement can occur without righteous exercise of agency. Do not attempt to override agency. The Lord himself would not do that. Forced obedience yields no blessings (see D&C 58:26–33).

  • “I will suggest seven ways you can help.

  • “First, love without limitations. … Second, do not condone the transgressions, but extend every hope and support to the transgressor. … Third, teach truth. … Fourth, honestly forgive as often as is required. … Fifth, pray trustingly. ‘The … fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much’ (James 5:16). …

  • “Sixth, keep perspective. … When the things you realistically can do to help are done, leave the matter in the hands of the Lord and worry no more. Do not feel guilty because you cannot do more. Do not waste your energy on useless worry. … In time, you will feel impressions and know how to give further help. You will find more peace and happiness, will not neglect others that need you, and will be able to give greater help because of that eternal perspective. …

  • “One last suggestion—Never give up on a loved one, never!”

How lucky we are to have living prophets to help guide us through life!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So Excited!

Marcus and I are EXTREMELY excited to see this movie:

We're calling it a belated birthday present for Marcus so we have a good excuse to spend the money to go to a movie! :)