Friday, February 25, 2011


14 days until Marcus' sister Diana comes to visit

31 days until Jordan comes home from his mission!

46 days until the last day of classes

55 days until Dad Smith and Mom and Dad Gilson come to Utah

56 days until Graduation

65 days until Mom Smith comes to Utah

79 days until Baby Boy Gilson is due!

91 days until LOTS of family are here to visit the new baby!

Can you handle all the excitement??

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I made a couple quilts for two of my friends that are having babies soon. I'm really proud of my first tries (although I did have lots of help on both of them so it's not all my work).

I made this quilt first for our friends Chase and Kami.
They're expecting their first-a boy-in early March.

My really good friend Kate is having a little girl the end of February.
I LOVE the colors on this quilt and the apples.

These quilts were so fun to make! They are definitely the perfect starter quilt. Thank you Patsy for teaching me how to make them! :)

My friend Mackenzie and I threw Kate a baby shower on Saturday. As usual, I forgot to take pictures. We did get one picture of Kate and I with our friend and old roomie, Kayla (who drove up from Arizona to be there. Kayla= AWESOME)!

In other news:

I'm 25 weeks along!

I'm starting to look more and more pregnant. I keep being told that I'm a very small pregnant woman and I barely show. I've decided I'm okay with this for a couple reasons. First, I'm not uncomfortable. I sleep through the night almost every night. Also, I am hoping being a small pregnant woman means I won't have a baby the size Marcus was. He was 10lbs 9oz and I have serious fears that I'm going to have to push a baby that size out of me. I have a lot of appreciation for his Mom. (And moms in general the more I think about labor and delivery).

AND in 2.5 weeks, I fly to North Carolina to see my family!

Oh. My. Goodness! I can not wait to hold and kiss this little girl!