Saturday, April 14, 2012

Recent Activities

This blog has really turned into a blog about Johnny. But let's be honest, that's who people really care about.

However, on this blog post I'm going to break from the norm and let you know what Marcus and I have been up to. Back in March, we took a trip up to Rexburg with my brother and sister. My sister is going to BYU-Idaho in the fall so we went up to show her the campus and to visit Marcus' best friend and his family.
 We went shooting.
 We convinced Shelby to shoot a gun. We're so proud of her! :)
 We went swimming in the hotel pool and Johnny LOVED it. He is definitely a water baby!
 Johnny got reacquainted with his friend Ryker.
Best friends and their boys :).

In other news- Marcus's cousin Jack got home from his mission on April 4th. He served in Brazil, in the mission just south of the mission where Marcus served. It's been so fun to have him home!
(Jack is the redhead. Brian (Jack's brother) is holding Johnny)

To end this post, here is a countdown of upcoming, exciting events:

-2 more finals until Marcus finishes his first year of Law School. We are so proud of him!
-1 week and 2 days until Mom and Dad Smith get to Utah
-2 weeks until we fly to North Carolina
-3 weeks until we visit D.C.
-4 weeks and 4 days until Johnny turns 1!
-4 weeks and 4 days until Marcus leaves for Brazil
-9 weeks and 4 days until I leave for Brazil

It's a very exciting time! Stay tuned for an Easter post coming soon!