Thursday, February 23, 2012

9 Months

Our Johnny is 9 months! WHAT?!? He has officially been out of the womb longer than he was in- YAY! I feel like that's quite a milestone. Here is Johnny at 9 months:
 He stands up on everything. We had to lower his mattress- how is he big enough for that already??
 Johnny watching his Baby Einstein DVD on our way to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Gilson. He loves Baby Einstein and Little Einsteins!
 Johnny and his Great Grandpa Gilson
 He weighs 18lbs 4oz and is 28 inches tall. He's staying strong in the 30th percentile.
 He loves the swings- and dogs. He's staring at a dog in this picture.

-He has become a great eater. He eats three meals of solid foods everyday. He went from going through 1 jar of food in 3 days to 3 jars of food each day plus rice cereal!

-He is definitely a Mama's boy. I love that he loves me so much but I'm excited for him to realize that his Daddy is super awesome too!

-He loves playing Patty Cake and the Itsy Bitsy Spider

-He loves to dance to music. It's so adorable- see for yourself :)

-He doesn't do the normal crawl. He scoots and is really fast at it.

-He loves books. He loves having me read to him and he loves looking through them on his own. He especially loves chewing on the bindings. We have fabric books for him but he won't chew on those...

-He is starting to give kisses. He opens his mouth and plants one on you. It is so cute and I LOVE IT!

-He gives me big hugs when I pick him up. I love when he's cuddly.

-He's even adorable when he's throwing a fit at dinner because he's tired:

Hahahahaha. Marcus and I laughed at these pictures for like 5 minutes.

Happy 9 Months, Johnny! Our family is so much better since you were born! We love you!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Summer Plans

We officially know what we're doing for the Summer of 2012 and we are SO EXCITED!
At the beginning of May, we will be here:
Cary, North Carolina with my family! Then, on May 17th Marcus will fly here:
Sao Paulo, Brazil!! He has an externship for 5 weeks with a corporate law firm. Johnny and I will stay in NC with my family while Marcus is completing his externship. At the end of the 5 weeks- I will fly down to Sao Paulo and Marcus and I will spend 10 days touring Brazil (Sao Paulo, Recife, and Curitiba). Johnny will spend those 10 days with Grandma and Grandpa Smith! :)

We get home from Brazil on July 2nd, pick up Johnny in NC, and then we go here for the rest of the summer:
Richland, Washington with Marcus' family! Marcus will be doing law work here for the second half of the summer.

We are really excited for this summer! We get to spend lots of time with both families PLUS go to Brazil!!

Is it May yet?