Friday, April 29, 2011


Here I am at 37 weeks and 5 days.

Marcus and I are ready for this baby to come! We are ready to meet him, see what he looks like, and just cuddle and hold him. Also, I am ready to not be pregnant anymore. As of my doctor's appointment on Tuesday, I was 2cm dilated and 70% effaced and his head was very low. So here's to hoping that means the baby will be here soon!

The biggest change in our lives right now is our decision on where to go for law school. I can honestly say it was one of the hardest decisions Marcus and I have ever had to make. To be honest, it still is a hard decision for me. I feel at peace with our decision but I'm still really sad about some of the things we're going to be missing out on. So without further ado- Marcus and I have decided to go to:

Like I said, we both feel that BYU Law School is the right choice for us and that we will be happy going there. I am just having a REALLY hard time with the fact that this means at least 3 more years in Utah and that I don't get to be close to my parents. I know we have a lot of family in the area that are great but it's just not the same as being close to parents. But I have faith that it's what we're suppose to do and everything will work out.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

35 Weeks

I'm 35 weeks along which means I have 35 days left of pregnancy. I thought it was kind of fun that today is full of 35's.

I feel huge. And I look it. But I just keep reminding myself I'm at the end of my pregnancy so it's normal to be big. Here's what life is like at 35 weeks pregnant:

- I sleep with at least 3 pillows and I still can't get comfortable sometimes.

- I get really bad heartburn. But I can take Pepcid and that helps a lot.

- I get super sharp upper back pains! They are miserable. They've been attributed to my heartburn but I get them even when I don't have heartburn (thanks to Pepcid). They've also been attributed to weak lower back muscles and my doctor gave me some exercise to do to help strengthen my lower back and get rid of the upper back pain. He said it would take about a week for the exercises to take effect. It's been 2.5 weeks since I started doing them and I still get the sharp pains. I've decided delivery will be the cure...

- My blood type is O-. The negative means I'm Rh- and so I had to get a RhoGAM shot so I don't make antibodies against my baby's blood. This shot is given in the hip- not the most enjoyable thing I've experienced. But I'm sure labor will hurt worse so I'm not really complaining. Plus, I will take a shot any day to ensure that my body doesn't kill off any future babies.

- This baby has become quite the mover! Well, he's probably always moved a lot but he's so crowded in there now that I feel him so much more. It's crazy to watch him moving across my belly. Marcus gets excited every time he sees or feels the baby move- it's great! :)

All in all, everything is going really well. I am healthy and the baby is developing well so I couldn't be happier! We have set up the baby's bed and we have his carseat and stroller so now we're just waiting for him to get here! Marcus and I are so excited- this little baby is pretty much all we talk about and he's not even here yet.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

34 weeks down...

6 (or less) to go!

In general, I feel pretty good. I have the normal back discomfort that accompanies the end of pregnancy. But I just sleep with three pillows and that seems to work well. I also get pretty bad heartburn but my doctor told me I could take Pepcid and that has helped a ton.

Other than (impatiently) waiting for this little boy to join our family, most of our time is focused on school and work. But we have some very exciting things coming up:
-Graduation in 3 weeks! Mom and Dad Gilson and Dad Smith will be here visiting! :)
-Mom Smith will be out in 4.5 weeks until the end of May to be here with us when we have the baby!!
-BABY BOY GILSON WILL BE BORN! (After 7.5 months of pregnancy, this day feels like it will never come).
-Lots of family from both sides will be coming at the end of May to see us and the baby. (Well really just the baby but we make ourselves feel better by saying they want to see us too).
-A couple family/really close friend weddings we might be able to attend depending on when the baby decides to come.

It's all so exciting- I can barely stand it! :)