Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Marcus and I had a great first Valentine's Day together. He got me a beautiful rose, perfume, and an immersion blender! (I know appliances are usually taboo, but I really wanted one of these so it was great!!) :)

I feel like men get gypped on Valentine's Day because they are expected to do a bunch of things for women but don't really get any gifts in return. So I told him I would make him any meal he wanted. It turned out to be a great meal!

We had steak, lobster tail, and baked potatoes. It was very delicious and VERY filling!

And for dessert, I made tuxedo strawberries.
Aren't they cute?! I'm pretty proud of my work.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Appendicitis anyone?

Well it's been an eventful day to say the least. Here is a time-line:

Thursday, Feb. 4 10:30pm- we get into bed and Marcus complains that his stomach hurts. He is restless for about 1.5 hours before he gets up and lays on the couch

Friday, Feb. 5 2:00am- I wake up restless attempt at sleep and realize he's still on the couch so I get up to check on him. He's literally writhing in pain. We decide that we should go to the ER to see what's going on.

2:45am- We get to the ER. They bring him back, do some blood work, and give him a CAT Scan.

3:30am- They tell us that Marcus has appendicitis and will need surgery.

4:10am- Marcus is wheeled to the OR and I'm told to sit in the waiting room. Thank goodness for cell phones that allowed me to talk to both moms this morning to help the time pass more quickly!

5:10am- The Surgeon came out and told me they were taking him into surgery and they'd let me know when they were done. It could take anywhere for 30min to 2.5 hours.

6:10am- The Surgeon comes out and tells me that the surgery went well and he's in recovery. His appendix was about 3 times its normal size so it's a good thing they got it before it ruptured.

7:30am- Marcus is brought up to his room and I finally get to see him! It's been a LONG 3 hours by myself in the hospital all morning...

8:40am- Marcus is medicated and sleeping . I decide now is the time to go home, shower, get something to eat, and pack our bags for our sleepover party in the hospital.

10:00am- I arrive back at the hospital equipped with things to keep me occupied while he sleeps all day. Although I have not had much sleep either, the chair-bed the hospital bed provides for me gives me only semi-decent sleep. And I don't really sleep well during the day anyways.

1:00pm- Marcus' cousins Brian and Jack arrive to give him a blessing and bring me lunch (since Marcus is on an ice-chips only diet and cafeteria food did not sound appealing to me). We are so grateful they live close enough to come visit and provide that wonderful service for us!

3:00-4:00pm- Marcus and I both sleep for about an hour. He's starting to get his color back and be more alert. He is definitely starting to feel better! (The morphine probably helps with that...)

It's now 5:40pm and Marcus gets to eat "dinner" in about 20 minutes. He has been upgraded to clear fluids which we hope includes jello. I have no idea what I'll do for dinner since I hate leaving him here by himself. It's gets so lonely when there's no one sitting in the hospital with you (as I experienced this morning). So I may suck it up and eat the cafeteria food.

I plan on sleeping here with him because even though our bed at home is WAY more comfortable than this chair-bed, I don't think I would sleep well worrying about how he is doing. And one night in this chair-bed will not be a big deal. The doctors tell us we'll be able to go home tomorrow and should be home by 11am, which is great!

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. I'm sure Marcus will be up and his normal self in no time! :)