Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our Summer in Review

Since summer is basically over, I thought I should finally update this blog on what we did over the summer.

On May 3, we drove to West Richland, Washington and moved into Marcus' parents' house for the next 3 months. Marcus had an internship at the Franklin County District Attorney's Office. He really loved the work there and got a lot of great experience!

The kids and I tried our best to stay busy. We went to the ward Picnic in the Park on Wednesdays and played with cousin Ukiah and Grandma Gilson (and cousins Cole and Lola for the short time they were there). It was a lot of lazy days and the boys playing in the kiddie pool but that's what summer is all about, right?!

 We took lots of walks around the lake.

 Puddles are the best places to play!
 Johnny loves giving Claire hugs and cuddling up next to her!
 My first Mother's Day Card from Johnny. Melted my heart.

 Riding the horse outside of Fred Meyer.
 Shopping in style.

 Johnny and Lola get along so well. We really should live close to each other!

 Sometimes it's hard to give up the spot as baby of the family. ;)

 We went to Twin Falls to celebrate Grandpa Gilson's 90th Birthday and Grandma and Grandpa Gilson's 66th Wedding Anniversary. What a wonderful celebration!

 My younger brother Kendall married his sweetheart Ale. We were able to come home from the wedding and it was a wonderful week with the family. Johnny and Claire had so much fun with their cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.
 Little Angels :)

 Zoe loved holding Claire. So sweet!
 Johnny and Grandma Smith
 Claire and Aunt Grisel

 Wedding Day!
 We love swimming!

 We also love Grandpa Smith!
 Johnny, Ashlynn, and Madison
 The whole Smith crew touring SLC.

 Johnny being a helpful big brother.

 Ukiah and Johnny had so much fun together!

 We love and miss Grandma Gilson

 Claire especially misses snuggling with Grandma Gilson.

The stairs are a great place to read.
 Play area at the mall.

 Ukiah was baptized! We love you, Ukiah!
 We had a couple of really great picnics and walks on the Columbia River. It's so beautiful there! When my parents came to visit us at the end of July, we went to the river and took turns riding on a jet ski. It was the most fun we've had in a long time. It was so wonderful!
 We love Grandpa Gilson!
 Our kids have the most wonderful grandparents! 

This picture was taken the night before we left Washington. We had a truly wonderful summer! Here's to the last year of Law School and hopefully finding employment before graduation!