Thursday, March 10, 2016


I have officially gotten this blog all caught up! Here's the most recent happenings in our family! :)

The Egberts were in Salt Lake for a few days so we made a trip up there one afternoon to see them. No matter how long it's been since we've seen them, our kids immediately remember each other and play together like best friends. Johnny talks about Ryker all the time and Kami tells me Ryker does the same about Johnny. The Gilsons and Egberts are meant to be best friends!
He grabs my fingers and holds on tight when I put his pacifier in his mouth. I love it!
Claire ADORES Thomas! I have a feeling he feels the same way.
Claire got her first official haircut! A friend from my ward came over and trimmed off all her stringy baby hairs and it looks so much more healthy!
Claire is my little mommy! :)
We love having Thomas in our family!
You can definitely tell they are brothers. Johnny is on the left, Thomas is on the right.
I sure love these three kids of mine and I am so grateful I get to be their Mom! <3

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